TLIF2010 Apply Fatigue Management Strategies

If you are a truck driver and are required to hold the TLIF2010 “Apply Fatigue Management Strategies”, you can do it right here. Beyond Midnight Consulting have teamed up with Barbaro Group to allow you to do the course material online and download a document to undertake your workplace component. You will do the training online and complete some workplace tasks and send them to Barbaro Group. Barbaro Group will issue your Statement of Attainment TLIF2010. It will cost you $60 plus GST to do the online component and $50 plus GST for the Statement of Attainment from Barbaro Group. This is a total of only $110 plus GST.

What you must do to get the TLIF2010:

  1. Pay the $60 plus GST and register as a user on this site
  2. Login, using your registration login and password
  3. Select “Employee/Individual” user
  4. Go to the “TLIF2010” page and download and print the “Assessment Task 2” pdf document. This is very important as it contains instructions for your workplace tasks that must be completed later.
  5. Go to “My account” at the top of the page and put your full name into your account. You will need this to go onto the online training certificate.
  6. Go to the “Module List” and complete the following training modules:
    1. The Science of Sleep;
    2. Sleep Restriction & Disorders;
    3. Physical & Mental Health;
    4. Shiftwork, and
    5. Road Transport & Heavy Vehicles.

Note: You can do more modules if you like but you must do the five modules listed above.

  1. Once you have finished, go to “Print your certificate” and make sure that the above modules are listed on the certificate and your name is correct. If incorrect, go back to step 5 and correct. By clicking “Print your certificate” you can print it and you will be able to download a pdf of your online training certificate. Save this somewhere on your computer or a thumb drive.
  2. You will be logged out after printing the certificate and will no longer be able to use your registration.
  3. Take your printed “Assessment Task 2” pdf to your workplace and discuss the tasks with your supervisor. Once you have completed the tasks and your supervisor has signed of, scan the document and email it to along with your pdf certificate for online training.
  4. Barbaro Group will assess the document and if satisfied, will issue an invoice for $50 plus GST.

Once paid, you will receive your Statement of Attainment TLIF2010 certificate