Fatigue Risk Management Training (Employees & Supervisors)

Face-to-face fatigue risk management training that is tailored specifically to suit any organisation in any field. The sessions are focused on the health, safety, productivity and wellness of individual employees and their families. Sessions can run from 2-hours to 3-hours or longer, dependent upon client requirements, time availability and production times. Up to 3 sessions can be conducted in one day. The information provided is the most up to date and contains research from 2017 in some modules. Attendees leave with a renewed focus on obtaining the correct amount of sleep and a keenness to explore better lifestyle opportunities. Contact us to find out more.



Wesfarmers Kleenheat has had a most productive association with Dr Nick Mabbott since 2013. Over the last four years Kleenheat have conducted 16 two-day Driver Forums nationally, where heavy vehicle drivers (employee and contractor) were bought together in a central location, along with other Operational staff. The primary aim of the forums was to improve driver safety and wellbeing. To assist in reaching this goal, a number of external and internal presenters delivered sessions on various subjects specifically targeting driver safety and wellbeing.

Dr Nick presented at all the two-day forums on Fatigue and Sleep Management, a session that always rated extremely well in the feedback from both drivers and other staff who were present. So much so that, as a result of good feedback, Dr Nick has also delivered his presentation to other teams in the WESCEF group.

Ian CoxonTransport Compliance Manager